Why a hand-picked group of neurologists is better than one

Our team of neurologists are experienced across the wide gamut of neurology practice, meaning GPs and other Specialist can confidently refer our clinic to give their patients the widest choice of neurology specialisations, in the one convenient location.

Our Frankston premises is purpose built for neurology

Our director Dr Deepa Rajendran saw there was space in the neurology sphere for a dedicated clinic. She recognised that those with diseases of the brain, spinal cord and nervous system, might benefit by a dedicated service, where they could come and feel as though they, and their medical situation was entirely understood by the entire team.

There are advantages to having an entire team of experienced neurologists. Each is specialised in their own way, having undertaken different courses and qualifications and with different clinical experiences. This can only help you, our patients, because we can apply our broad knowledge to your situation if needed. In an area as complex as neurology, having a second, third and fourth opinion can be invaluable.

A team of specialists ready to help you
We hope you embrace the idea of having a full team of neurology specialists at your disposal. Even if you only meet your particular neurologist, be assured we are all behind you, ready to help you navigate your illness or injury with dignity and respect.